The history of Tiergarten Schönbrunn goes back to Empress Maria Theresia and her husband Franz Stephan von Lothringen (Franz I).

In 1745, Franz I commissioned the architect Jean Nicholas Jadot der Ville-Issey, to design a menagerie in the park of Schönbrunn, the new Habsburg-Lothringen summer residence.

The facility consisted of 12 enclosures with equally sized animal houses. In the summer of 1752, after a one-year construction period, the animals were brought to the zoo and presented to the public.

The octagonal pavilion in the center of the facility, designed as a breakfast room and salon,was only completed in 1759. Even today, this pavilion remains the zoo’s historical centerpiece.

Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world!

The oldest zoo in the world is truly worried by the animals’life quality. By transforming old cages into natural-reserve-looking-like spaces, Schonbrunn Tiergarten managed to provide both a comfort living for its species and a pleasure tour to its human visitors.

A day is not enough to visit all sectors of the attraction. But coming back to the zoo is far from being a dull or boring walk. Schonbrunn Tiergarten frequently hosts art work exhibitions and every coming back will be full of small surprises. The actual running art exhibition (June 2009) is very interesting and can catch the attention of children/teenagers about the ways nature deals with waste and human produced garbage.

Pay attention to the white bears space. One of the two big white bears is extremely active and playful and could be giving his own show with his blue-floating toy by your walk. Another great area to visit is the Tropical Florest: inside of a climatized building, you’ll be able to see free-flying birds and bats as well as smell the largest flower of the world.


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