The Bunaken National Marine Park was formally established in 1991 and was among the first ofIndonesia’s growing system of marine parks. The park is just under 80,000 hectares of land (3%) and sea (97%), located inManadoin theprovinceofNorth Sulawesi,Indonesia. It comprises the 5 islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Montehage and Nain. It is part of the Indo-Pacific region which supports the highest marine biodiversity on earth.

Well, this is the Indonesian tourism object which is has a very natural beauty about the scene of the sea bottom and it is never find in the other places or the other countries. When you do diving in Bunaken Sea Park you can find the coral reef, fish hiss, ray fish, trigger fish, and many more. Well, you can feel the natural scene from the bottom of the seas and that is great for you. If you have a travelling in this tourism object as one of the destination, you will easier to find out the hotel for you to stay and the level is international class with a star and it also complete with the supporting tourism which is very complete for you and of course one time you ever visit this heaven island, of course you will say that you want to come back in your free time or your whole holiday.


When you do traveling here, you can start from Manado harbor, then you can go by using motor boat to siladen island which only need around less than 20 minutes, then you need to spend out around 30 minutes to bunaken island, 50 minutes to montehage island, and the last is to go to Nain island which only need 60 minutes. If you think that you want to go to bunaken recreation area, you can start by using cabin cruiser around 15 minutes or less than it. You can also use speedboat to make go to Bunaken Sea Park.

The park was established because of the marine bio-diversity it supports, because it is a migratory route for protected animals and because it is of high economic value for fisheries and tourism. There are over 20,000 residents in the area who depend on the natural resources of the park. The fear was that if the area was uncontrolled then over-fishing, destructive fishing practices and unchecked pollution would ruin the marine habitat which would be to the detriment of everyone concerned.

In addition to its huge biodiversity Bunaken is also a place where rare and endangered animals can be found such as coelacanths, dugongs, whales, dolphins and turtles.

The park has a unique bathymetry, which is an attraction to tourists diving atBunakenIsland. The absence of a continental shelf in the northern part ofNorth Sulawesiallows the coastal area to drop directly down the continental shelf

  • There are at least 58 different genera and sub-genera of corals in the park.
  • The number of different fish species is estimated at 2,000.
  • The deepest water is around 1,360 metres between Manado Tua and Montehage.
  • There are about 25 dive sites in Bunaken

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